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Comments about this page

  • Stuart,

    The person on our team that catalogued the item has drawn my attention to page 356 of the Turvey Abbey Scrap Book (part of the Longuet Higgins Collection) in which John Higgins writes about the tree and is the source of the original spelling.


    By John Warwick (09/05/2019)
  • Stuart, many thanks for this. When one of our team was cataloging the paintings, she was helped by notes supplied by John Higgins (the painter). His description of the tree as an ‘Arbayle” caused us some consternation as we could find no reference to such a tree but decided to go with our understanding of his spelling. Many thanks for your informative comment. I’ll change the description.

    John Warwick

    By John Warwick (05/05/2019)
  • Hello and thanks for the opportunity of seeing some of the history of Turvey this afternoon – very enjoyable.

    Hope you will not mind me pointing out that your reference to a tree in one of the displayed coloured illustrations should be spelt “abele” it being a type of silver poplar. Hope this helps.

    By Stuart Chesher (27/04/2019)

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